Leasing Beats vs Exclusive Beats

What's the difference?

As a music producer who sells rap beats and hip hop instrumentals online, the topic of leasing beats and buying exclusive rights to instrumentals seems to come up a lot. I've been in the "selling beats online game" for several years now and leasing beats has been the way for some of us music producers. If you're confused about the difference, I will explain its uses in a nutshell.


Lease Rap Beats

Leasing a rap beat gives artists the ability to use a beat up to a certain amount of uses. Once the license has exceeded its limits(refer to licensing), the buyer must obtain a new license buy purchasing a beat lease again. Leased beats can be used for promos, mixtapes, videos, streaming platforms and more. With this license, the same beat can be sold to other artists as long it hasn't been sold exclusively. 


Exclusive Rap Beats

When exclusive rights are purchased to rap beats, the buyer/company will ownership over the beat and the producer and buyer may not resell the beat. An exclusive beat is priced higher than a lease license because the exclusive license has no restrictions on distribution. Exclusive beat licenses includes beat stems (if they're available), master WAV file for quality and mp3 format for songwriting.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the difference, check out my website (www.ChystyProductionz.com) to lease rap beats and hip hop instrumentals. 

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